InGarden Offices is an up-to-date and comfortable service and office building of B+ class. It is situated in a very good location with many parking lots. It is distinguish by timeless simplicity and elegance. The elevation was engineered using exquisite materials, such as: glass, wood, ceramics. Taking attention to details was crucial element during designing this building.

This facility has three above-ground floors which are combi-ned by a vertical communication: stairs and elevator. On the first floor, despite the office area there is a very representative hall with a reception desk. Further-more, the building is properly adjusted for differently abled.

In order to provide the most optimal and economical implementation of ones individual needs the building offers:
- flexibility in interior design (open space)
- air-conditioning
- false ceiling
- lighting
- access floor
- access control system
- electric and phone wiring
- round-the-clock security service
- openable window
- exterior window blinds
- elevator

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